5. June 2015 Workshop

5.1. Overview

The FUN3D development team will host a two-day training workshop co-located with the 2015 AIAA Aviation conference in Dallas, Texas. The workshop will be held over the weekend prior to the conference on June 20-21. Registration information can be found at the AIAA Aviation website.

5.2. Tentative Agenda

A tentative list of workshop sessions follows. This may change as details are finalized. Training content will be designed for use with FUN3D v12.6.

Session Title Instructor
Welcome and Overview

Compilation and Installation

Gridding, Solution, and Visualization Basics

Boundary Conditions

Turbulence Models

Supersonic/Hypersonic Perfect Gas Simulations

Parameterization Tools

Adjoint-Based Design for Steady Flows

Feature and Adjoint-Based Error Estimation and Mesh Adaptation

Time-Dependent Simulations

Dynamic Grid Simulations

Suggar++ Basics

Overset Grid Simulations

Adjoint-Based Design for Unsteady Flows

Aeroelastic Simulations

CFD/CSD Coupling

Rotorcraft Simulations

High-Energy/Generic Gas Simulations

Current Development Activities, User Feedback and Requests