• A 2-day FUN3D training workshop was held December 11-12 on-site at NASA Langley. Training content has been posted; videos of each session will be available shortly.
  • Released 13.4-0a6bd8b (nov'18)
  • Released 13.3-5dad7cc (apr'18)
  • Released 13.2-e3f5937 (sep'17)
  • Released 13.1-105cdae (mar'17) Note a new software usage agreement will be required for version 12 users.
  • Released 13.0-382ef83 (sep'16) Note a new software usage agreement will be required.
  • The NASA FUN3D team has a post-doctoral research opportunity currently available in the area of High Performance Computing. See this link for details. The next application deadline is November 1. Questions? Please E-mail us.
  • Public FUN3D Users and FUN3D News email lists available.

Recent Updates:

  • Added article/video overviewing recent Oak Ridge National Laboratory GPU hackathon held at University of Delaware (may'16)
  • Added recent paper on sensitivity analysis for chaotic flows and an adjoint-based optimization review paper (mar'16)
  • Released 12.8-dc8fb20 (nov'15)
  • Added content for NASA booth at Supercomputing 2015 (nov'15)
  • Streaming video footage from FUN3D training workshop held at the 2015 AIAA Aviation conference is now available (oct'15)
  • Added presentation from US National Congress on Computational Mechanics (sep'15)
  • Added numerous papers from AIAA Aviation 2015 conference (jun'15)
  • Public email lists: FUN3D Users and FUN3D News
  • Support email: