Application #13. Horizontal axis wind turbine

Contributed by Eric Lynch and Marilyn Smith, Georgia Tech

Taken from the following publication:

Lynch, C. E., “Advanced CFD Methods for Wind Turbine Analysis”, Ph.D. Thesis, Georgia Institute of Technology, May 2011.

The movie below shows a dynamic overset simulation of the NREL Phase VI Unsteady Aerodynamics Experiment. The mixed-element mesh had about 15 million nodes and included the turbine blades, tower, and nacelle, but not the data collection hardware attached to the hub. At the simulated wind speed of 15 m/s, the blades are completely stalled. The HRLES turbulence model was used with incompressible governing equations. Iso-surfaces of the second invariant of the velocity gradient tensor (i.e. “Q criterion”) are shown, colored by vorticity magnitude.

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